Having fully-functional windows on your car can affect the quality of rides that you’ll enjoy in your Volkswagen. Even with their quality manufacturing, the window regulators in Volkswagens often need replacement at some point in time. This makes it no different from other mechanicals parts in the car that degrade with time.

When the window regulator in your Volkswagen needs replacement, you’ll need the help of a reliable mechanic to fix the problem. Simply put, the window regulator in your Volkswagen enables you to roll the window of your car up and down as you wish. It may sound like a trivial perk, but without a functional window regulator, it can be uncomfortable and inconvenient a drive thru food line or if your window is stuck down during inclimate weather.

A window regulator is the component in your car that enables you to roll your windows up and down. The regulator is made up of moving parts that create force on command that moves the windows. Each door on the car has a regulator for the corresponding window. In Volkswagen, window regulators have an electric motor that opens and closes the windows with a simple push of a button.

Window regulators also enable your Volkswagen to keep out external weather elements like wind, rain, and dust. In the case of an emergency in the car, if your doors are damaged from an impact, the window regulators provide the option to exit the car quickly. Window regulators also play a valuable role in keeping intruders out of your car.

Causes of Window Regulator Problems

Window regulators are vehicle components that we usually pay no mind to, that’s until it stops working and we have to drive with the windows stuck up or down. Window regulators don’t often need such keen attention in terms of servicing, but when it develops a problem, the regulator needs to be replaced.

The most common cause of window regulator problems is wear and tear. Because the smaller parts that form the window regulator are always moving, they are prone to degradation over time. The weight of the window also contributes to the wearing of the window regulator parts over time.

Signs of Window Regulators Problems

A problem in the window regulator of your Volkswagen will show certain symptoms. One of these symptoms is that the window might produce a grinding noise as you roll it up or down. This grinding noise often points to a fault in the moving mechanical parts. If any of these parts jam or get rusty or break off, as could be the case in the plastic components, there will be noise when working the window regulators. You’ll need a good auto-mechanic to replace the faulty bits in the window regulators to fix this.

Another sign of window regulator trouble is when all the windows don’t work at the push of a button. This often happens in electric motor window regulators that use electric voltage to move the windows up and down. A blown fuse or short circuit in the wiring can all be responsible for all windows losing power completely. That and faulty control modules can prevent power from reaching the window regulator even if you try to operate it using the master controls.

Other signs of window regulator trouble include the windows rolling up and down slowly, as if there’s some resistance. In some cases, the resistance is more when rolling up. The windows can also drop back down as soon as they roll up. At other times, they’ll have weak power, causing them to get stuck half way up or down. All these can be attributed to lack of proper lubrication in the moving parts or a build up of debris in the window regulator.

Hagan’s Motor Pool for Your Volkswagen’s Windows

The window regulators in your care are convenient Volkswagen Window Regulator Repair for you when they are working fine. When they stop, then you know that it’s time to get a window regulator replacement. And to get this done correctly the first time, you’ll need certified mechanics that offer OEM parts. This way you can be sure that you’re getting high quality service & replacement parts.

Hagan’s Motor Pool has some of Rochester’s stellar mechanics serving drivers in Alton, Barrington, Berwick, Dover and Rochester, NH. We have the experience and latest technology to ensure that your window regulator problems stay in your rear view. Give us a call today if you’re having problems with your foreign model, and we’ll get you back on the road as good as new.

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