If you’re like many owners of 2015-2019 Volkswagen vehicles, you may be experiencing issues with the Front Assist system. This system was designed to detect obstacles in front of you and warn you of their presence. However, it has been known to malfunction in many different Volkswagen vehicles, leading to dangerous situations, such as sudden braking in the middle of a highway.

Front Assist Malfunctions

There are two main occurrences reported by Volkswagen owners with Front Assist system problems.

  • Random Emergency Braking: The first involves random braking with no warning and no obstacles in front of the vehicle. Typically, the system is supposed to work by first warning you that there is an obstacle, using an audible noise with an alert on the dashboard. If you do not react by putting on the brake or maneuvering out of the way of the obstacle, the car is supposed to engage the brakes automatically to prevent the collision. However, many VW owners have reported their vehicles randomly braking with no warning in situations where there is clearly no obstacle in front of the car.
  • Failure to Emergency Brake: The second example of a Front Assist malfunction that VW owners have experienced is the failure to brake when there is actually an obstacle in front of the vehicle. If the sensor does not detect the object in the road, the Front Assist may not brake in time to prevent the collision for an unaware driver. In this case, it simply fails to assist the driver, which is an absolute failure on an automatic safety feature.

Possible Reasons for the Front Assist Malfunction

  • Sensor is too low to detect frontal obstacle
  • Sensor is dirty
  • Sensor has been damaged
  • Large road debris can trigger the sensor

In most Volkswagens, the sensor is very low to the ground, which may be part of the reason why these models have trouble detecting obstacles, or why they might detect obstructions when there are none. The sensor is so low that in some cases, even things like potholes, slight snow cover, or road spray could cause the system to activate in a random emergency braking situation.

Likewise, because the sensor is so low to the ground, it’s easy for it to build up dirt or other debris, which can prevent it from sensing objects when it should apply the emergency brakes for the driver.

How to Get Help With Front Assist Malfunctions

The first thing to do if you think your Volkswagen’s Front Assist system might not be working properly is to make sure the sensor is clean. If it appears to be fine, then it could be a problem within the system itself.

Some drivers have opted to turn off the Front Assist functionality entirely. By doing this, drivers can be sure their car isn’t going to randomly brake for no reason. However, it will also no longer apply the brakes when the driver does not.

This safety feature is built into your car to add a layer of protection for you and your passengers. To not utilize it at its fullest extent is not optimal. The best course of action is to bring your VW into a specialist who can inspect your Front Assist system and make sure it’s in proper working condition to keep you safer on the roadways.

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