Since its inception, Volkswagen has been known as “the people’s car,” and drivers turn to the brand for affordable vehicles that deliver comfort and good performance. The failure of the ignition coil in your Volkswagen will hinder the comfort and performance the brand has to offer.

The ignition coil is an essential component of the ignition system, and it transforms the battery voltage to the thousands of volts the spark plug requires to create an electric spark for the ignition of the fuel/air mixture. The failure of the coil would negatively impact the overall performance of your vehicle. You may experience difficulty starting your car or repeated stalling. You may also notice reduced fuel mileage, rough idle, engine misfire, power loss, and hesitation.

While diesel engines do not require an ignition system to ignite the fuel/air mixture, an ignition system is crucial for igniting the fuel/air mixture in a petrol engine, and its failure will hinder your engine’s functionality.

Symptoms of a Failing or Failed Ignition Coil

When the ignition coil is defective or is about to fail, the following are the symptoms you might notice:

  • Decreased Fuel Economy: When your ignition coil is failing, your vehicle makes up for the inadequate transfer of power between the battery and the spark plug by consuming more fuel. This takes a toll on your fuel consumption. When you notice an increase in your fuel consumption, it could be due to a failing ignition coil.
  • Illuminated Check Engine Light: Although the illumination of a check engine light may be attributed to other factors, a defective ignition coil cannot be ruled out as the cause. Since the illuminated check engine light could be due to several mechanical faults that only a mechanic can diagnose, you should consult a mechanic immediately to prevent your engine from irreparable damage.
  • Engine Misfiring, Rough Idle, and Power Loss: A misfiring engine is one of the apparent signs of a faulty ignition coil. You may also experience rough idle where it feels like your vehicle is about to break down or lose power. All of these can be attributed to a failing ignition coil, which affects your vehicle’s overall performance.
  • Engine Won’t Start: A faulty ignition coil won’t send enough charge to the spark plug. When the coil finally breaks down, your vehicle may not start or it may stall. In most cases, before getting to this level, your vehicle would have given signs which you ignored. While the problem can be attributed to other factors, you should consult an experienced Volkswagen specialist to have the issue examined.

Causes of Ignition Coil Failure

There are several reasons why the ignition coil may fail, and they include:

  • Worn-out spark plug: Any issue with the spark plug will automatically impact the ignition coil. This is why it is important to ask your mechanic to conduct a thorough inspection whenever you take your vehicle for routine maintenance.
  • Inadequate voltage supply: When there is an insufficient voltage supply to the ignition coil, the coils become less effective and take longer to charge. This is mostly due to wear or overloaded ignition coil. A weak battery or faulty cables can also contribute to the problem.
  • Overheating coil: When the coil overheats, it affects its functionality. This usually results from old age, faulty modules, or a faulty output stage in the ECU.
  • Other reasons include excess moisture caused by oil leaks, contact faults, heat exposure, etc. A faulty ignition coil would no doubt negatively impact your vehicle’s performance and reliability. Hence, conducting routine maintenance can help detect any problem in its early stage and prevent your vehicle from irreparable damage.

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