One of the most-frequently occurring faults that Audis develop is a clogged catalytic converter. You certainly do not want to experience this in your Audi. Hence, the need to know how a catalytic converter should work when it develops a fault, its causes, and how to solve the issue.

A catalytic converter is that component that is created and equipped to carry the sole responsibility of converting unhealthy gasses or fumes that your car releases into something less harmful to the environment. When the catalytic converter fails to perform this function, it is either having a fault or about to develop one. This explains the foul smell that the catalytic converter gives when there is an issue. It is located under your car, between the exhaust and emission systems.

Signs of Catalytic Converter Clogs

Since the catalytic converter is located in the least place that you check whenever you use or service your car, it might be difficult to detect when there is a developing issue, usually until it becomes a major one. Some of these signs include:

  • Poor Emission: When your Audi’s catalytic converter begins to develop a clog, it affects the emissions in your car. This can occur as a failure in the emissions test of the vehicle because the catalytic converter controls emissions in your vehicle.
  • Strong Odors: When you notice strong odors coming from your vehicle, especially if they are bad-smelling odors, it could be a sign from your Audi, telling you that the catalytic converter might be developing a problem. This thick unpleasant odor is usually similar to sulfur or rotten eggs. It occurs because the catalytic converter controls odors in your car and is responsible for them.
  • Noises: Abnormal noises from your car could be a result of a wide range of issues, ranging from the engine to even the littlest component. This includes the catalytic converter. It is important and highly recommended that you give rapid attention to your car when it starts to make strange noises of any kind. It might be a catalytic converter clog.
  • Check Engine Light: The check engine light in your Audi is generally a warning sign to almost any issue that may come up with the car, especially when it has to do with the engine. In the case of a catalytic converter clog, it is a simple, easy, and quick way to detect the problem and attend to it. When your check engine light comes on very often, it could be a warning sign to check your catalytic converter and attend to its issues rapidly, if any.

Other signs of a catalytic converter clog are:

  • reduced engine performance
  • increased heat
  • thick black or white smoke from the exhaust pipe
  • limited acceleration capacity or difficulty in acceleration. etc.

Causes of a Catalytic Converter Clog in your Audi

The following are two major reasons for a clog in the catalytic converter:

  • Blockage by Pollutants and Debris: The settling of dirt and contaminants in the catalytic converter could cause a clog. Some of this debris can come from gas that enters into the catalytic converter, engine oil, or even coolant. These slowly find their way into the catalytic converter and after some time, accumulate into a clog.
  • Overheating: A car engine runs on fuel and air, when there is more fuel than air in the engine, it is known as an engine running rich. This is unhealthy for any car and can lead to a variety of mechanical issues; one of which is the catalytic converter clog. Another issue that an engine running rich might result in is misfiring which by extension, causes heat surges that increase the heating up of a car engine. This can be very dangerous, hence, the need to fix the problem as soon as it is diagnosed.

How to Correct a Catalytic Converter Clog

Unclogging a catalytic converter is a Audi Catalytic Converter Checkcomplicated task that requires expertise and urgency because of the delicate components in it; hence, the need for expert engineers.

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