Keeping your vehicle serviced and ensuring all the parts are in working order should be the number one priority of any driver, especially the owner of a vehicle as performance-based as Audi. There is no shortage of things that can go wrong under the hood, which is all the more reason to keep an eye out for the warning signs that something is amiss.

Keeping that in mind, the EGR valve is an important component under the hood that is often overlooked. There are key warning signs that your EGR valve has gone bad which should not be ignored. Doing so could potentially lead to issues with the exhaust system of your vehicle that may be more difficult to fix.

What is an EGR valve and what does it do?

An EGR valve, as an overarching glace, controls the emissions of your vehicle. More specifically, as nitrogen in the engine bay gets exposed to extreme heat, harmful byproducts such as nitrogen oxides can develop. The EGR valve decides when a very precise amount of exhaust gas should reenter the intake system of your vehicle in order to neutralize this harmful gas.

Your valve is always closed when you start your car, but as you drive, it typically sits somewhere between fully-opened and fully-closed. At lower speeds, the valve gradually begins to open, as there is not a lot of power or gas in the engine bay. As you reach higher speeds, however, more oxygen is required, so the valve closes to allow for this to occur.

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you may have a different EGR valve. Regardless, the functions of these different types are still relatively the same. The most standard valve, a gas EGR valve, diverts exhaust gas in and out of the engine bay whenever it is required to balance out the chemicals inside.

As you can see, this component keeps the emission levels of your vehicle at a healthy level. Should your EGR valve go bad, your vehicle may become flooded with dangerous chemical byproducts that could be hazardous to health and cause you to fail an emissions test. Therefore, keep an eye out for any of the signs that your EGR valve needs to be replaced in order to avoid this.

Top Signs That Your EGR Valve Needs to be Replaced

As mentioned, there are a number of key signs that the EGR valve in your Audi could use replacing. Fortunately, they are not too hard to spot if you know what you’re looking for, but all these signs should be considered as reasons to take your car to a professional shop as soon as possible.

Poor Vehicle Performance

If a problem exists with your EGR valve, you may begin to notice erratic performance. As an Audi owner, you are aware of what your car is capable of and how it feels when driving. Should you notice that your performance is suddenly changing, consider looking into your EGR valve as a cause.

Stalling When Idle

One problem that can occur with an EGR valve is that it may become permanently open. If this happens, too much exhaust gas will be present in the engine bay, which may result in your engine stalling as it is flooded with the wrong chemicals. There are a number of reasons for stalling when idle, however, so look for this sign in conjunction with the others.

Knocking Noises in the Engine

Hearing a knocking noise in your engine should always be a cause for concern. A bad EGR valve, specifically a permanently-closed one, may cause your engine to misfire. This is because the fuel will be igniting early due to the higher temperatures in the engine bay that aren’t being regulated.

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As you can now see, the EGR valve is a crucial piece Audi EGR Valve Checkof machinery that contributes greatly to the overall performance of your vehicle. We understand this at Hagan’s Motor Pool.

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