Mercedes is one of, if not the most popular car brands in the world, providing luxury vehicles with top-class features to provide the best road experience. Having been producing models for almost a century, the car brand has perfected safety, durability, and comfort. With the ever-advancing features in the brand and challenges of our everyday road, even a car as powerful as a Mercedes is prone to faults. Some of these faults can occur in one of the many sensors and for several reasons, but whatever they may be, a sensor problem can mean your car is one step away from a total breakdown or a cascade of failures.

A common problem occurs in the knock sensor, and if it is continuous, it can lead to total engine failure. Here are some easy ways to know if the engine knock sensor has failed and how to deal with it.

  • Check Engine Indicator: This indicator will usually light up when there is an engine knock sensor failure. So make sure to always pay attention to your sensor lights, especially the Check Engine Lamp (CEL). In a case where this indicator lights up, pick up your phone and call the mechanic immediately to book a session.
  • Vibration: Unexplained and constant vibration from your Mercedes can be a sign of a faulty knock sensor. Vibrations from your car can also indicate something worse. So take your car to the auto shop for a problem diagnosis.
  • Misfiring: Engine misfiring can be caused by several things. An important one is an engine knock sensor fault which will fail to give the proper information to the car for synchronous engine activities. Your best play will be to visit your mechanic to find the problem and fix it.
  • Poor fuel economy: An unusual drain in fuel level can be due to several things with knock sensor failure being one of them. The next step is to book a session with the mechanic to get your Mercedes fixed.
  • Thumping: A thumping sound from the engine could mean that there is a problem with the knock sensor, among other things. You shouldn’t wait to find out how it will end. Put a call across to your auto-mechanic for a quick check up.

Causes of knock sensor failure

Several situations can cause problems with the engine knock sensor. They include:

  • Internal short circuits: Internal short-circuiting of the knock sensor will definitely lead to failure of the sensor.
  • Breaks in wiring: Breaks in wiring mean that signals are not being transmitted to or from the sensor and therefore register as a fault.
  • Wiring short circuit: A short circuit in the wiring can cause damage to the sensor and make it fail.
  • Mechanical damage: Mechanical damage to the sensor can probably mean loss of components.
  • Incorrect mounting: Incorrect knock sensor mounting will register as sensor failure as it cannot get the required readings.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion of the knock sensor components means less reliable data will be sent to the computer and therefore register as sensor failure.

Hagan’s Motor Pool for your Knock Sensor Problems

Most times, when you have knock sensor problems in your Mercedes, the service of a professional Mercedes automobile mechanic Mercedes Knock Sensor will come in handy as you do not want to bring more damage to your vehicle during a DIY repair.

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