The AirMatic Suspension is a proprietary system in Mercedes Benz models. This suspension type differs from other steel-spring suspension systems with adjustable air springs. AirMatic works by regulating the quantity of air in each air spring/air bag as it rises vertically, resulting in more comfort and reduced body roll.

The AirMatic suspension is made to withstand road shocks and keep your tires in contact with the road when driving over bumps and imperfections. With just the push of a button, the air springs can rapidly adjust to any road, effectively reducing the impact of shocks from bumpy terrain.

The Benefits of an AirMatic Suspension

  • Absorb Shocks: When you’re driving your Mercedes on roads with poor conditions, this system does an exceptional job of keeping you and those in your cabin from being jarred Comfort is the main benefit, and keeping your suspension in good shape is a secondary goal of the AirMatic suspension.
  • Improves Car Safety: The system improves car safety by ensuring that the wheels stay in contact with the ground, even when there is a large bump on the road. The more contact you have, the more control you are of your trajectory and speed.
  • Auto-leveling: The airbags rise and fall, adapting for passengers or to load baggage. It also increases the appearance of your Mercedes, regardless of how much weight you’re carrying in the trunk or with many passengers in your cabin.
  • Axle lift: Mercedes Benz prevents the issue of scraping the undercarriage on speed bumps and rough roads by allowing the rise and fall of the front axle to compensate.

Common Causes of AirMatic Failure

  • A Blown Fuse: The fuses allow the AirMatic system to work via electrical connections; therefore if the fuse blows, the system may stop working, or oddly enough, it may continue to run even after you turn off the engine.
  • Air strut leakage: Because the struts are susceptible to wear over time, they may leak after a while due to natural breakdown. You may find that your Mercedes tilts on the side where the strut has failed because of the leak.

Look for these Signs of an AirMatic Failure

There are three parts to the AirMatic suspension that are common problem areas: relays, compressors, and leaking airbags. Relays frequently get stuck on. This will result in a discharged battery and possibly a worn compressor. It will also cause the relay to malfunction. In some early models of the AirMatic, leaks are widespread. Even though subsequent models have a better air spring design, they can still leak with time. These few are a couple more reasons your AirMatic suspension system may fail.

  • Suspension Squeaking: Continuous jangling can utterly detract from the calm voyage you expect. If you hear a squeaking noise when driving, it’s likely your suspension shocks have failed or been damaged.
  • Leakage of Air: This is a common sign of failure, and if it’s modest, it’s usually easy to fix. Air leaks are most common around the system’s connection points and valves, which can be caused by hard-driving or wear and tear.
  • Airbag Malfunction: This is fairly simple to identify as it is characterized by one side of the vehicle maintaining excellent suspension whereas the other side sags. The air suspension strut is responsible for this. Poor repairs or installation can be a cause as well.
  • The AirMatic Valve is Blocked: There is a chance that air will leak back in the compressor if the system’s valve becomes blocked. This can place unnecessary tension on the component, potentially resulting in internal damage. This could alter the suspension’s efficiency, and it could struggle to achieve the proper height for optimum drivability.

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* Mercedes Benz Car image credit goes to: Julie Deshaies.

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