The Oxygen sensor in a Volkswagen has the vital job of monitoring the oxygen levels in the exhaust so the engine’s computer can regulate the air-to-fuel mixture to reduce emissions. Two of the biggest goals of the auto industry today are to decrease emissions that can be harmful to the environment and to increase fuel efficiency.

Both of these goals can be directly related to the O2 sensors and their effectiveness. When the sensor begins to fail, the motorist may experience driveability problems, emission failures, increased fuel consumption, and other problems.

How often should the O2 sensor be replaced?

Experts recommendations include replacing the O2 sensor while doing regular maintenance every 50,000-60,000 miles. If you do not replace it on your own and your car was made after 1996, the sensor should last for about 100,000 miles. Many car owners never need to replace an 02 sensor on their vehicle.

Signs that the O2 Sensor Needs to Be Replaced

Frequently, a driver does not notice an issue right away. Sometimes there is not a recognizable issue until the check engine light comes on. When the sensor is failing, your vehicle cannot properly regulate the air to fuel mixture. This will result in your vehicle failing an emissions test as well as having worse fuel efficiency.

One of the first things a driver may notice is suddenly needing to fill the gas tank more often. Some other possible signs of an issue with your O2 sensor include overheating, driving rougher than usual, stalling, or loss of power.

Replacing the O2 Sensor Can Improve Your VW’s Performance

You will see a big difference in the overall performance of your vehicle once you replace the O2 sensors. Suppose your car was having any performance issues like driving rough or stalling. In that case, these types of problems should be resolved after replacement.

Fuel mileage is usually the most significant indicator that there is a problem and the most noticeable point of improvement. How much better your fuel mileage will get depends on the state of the sensors at the time of replacement.

If the sensor just started failing, you could still see a 15% increase in fuel mileage after getting a new one. However, if one or both were completely faulty by the time you got around to getting to the repair shop, you could see as much as a 40% increase in gas mileage. This is a considerable improvement.

Over time, replacing your failing O2 sensor will save you a significant amount of money spent on gas and give you back a little extra time. You will not have to go out of your way to go to the gas station as much anymore.

Replacing Your Volkswagen’s O2 Sensor

If your check engine light came on and encouraged you to replace your O2 sensor yourself as a DIY project, the warning light on your dashboard should reset. If you are still having problems, you can get a full diagnostics test run at an experienced shop to identify any other issues.

Although you can do some research online to find the O2 sensor that is right for your vehicle, it is best to check with an expert, especially if you are considering an aftermarket sensor. The O2 sensor still needs to pass the emission laws of your state. Even though the Volkswagen is not an American-made car, the sensor needs to meet the guidelines set by the EPA and not the European or German standards.

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