A well-maintained Mercedes will last for hundreds of thousands of miles. Engineered with some of the most innovative technology on the market, Mercedes leads the way each and every year with quality vehicles.

Along with superior technology, it requires extra responsibility for owners of Mercedes. Recommended maintenance practices are more than just recommendations. They are the guardian of your vehicle. The difference in a well-maintained car and a neglected one is a vastly-reduced lifespan of the vehicle.

In this article, we will discuss how often an oil change is required in your Mercedes and touch on other aspects of a proper maintenance program. We will also cover what happens if you avoid having your oil changed on time and by someone other than a certified Mercedes technician.

The Purpose of Engine Oil

All of the interworking parts that serve within an engine are made of metal and come in close contact with one another while moving. Without engine oil, within a few seconds, pistons and rings would swell from heat, seize up, and cause your motor to never run again.

When present, motor oil covers these moving parts and creates lubrication, allowing them to glide past one another, even at ultra-tight tolerances. Not only does engine oil keep your engine from overheating and immediate damage, it allows your Mercedes engine to last for years with little wear.

What happens when Engine Oil is Low

Most Mercedes require 4 to 5 quarts of oil to function properly for the lubrication of your engine. Over time, all engines will consume some oil, even if they don’t have any issues. Some cars can use up to a quart of oil every few thousand miles.

The difference between having low oil or the correct amount can mean excessive wear on your engine. By having your engine checked regularly with proper maintenance, you can avoid overheating problems by maintaining proper lubrication.

What happens when Engine Oil is Dirty

Even the best synthetic oils will break down over time, losing their ability to lubricate your engine properly. One problem that happens when motor oil begins to break down is that your clean oil becomes filled with contaminants from your engine.

Microscopic metal particles and carbon buildup are constantly being added to the oil. Once the oil breaks down, its lubrication properties become worse faster and faster until it is no longer taking care of your engine.

Costly Do-It-Yourselfers

Some owners think they will save money by changing their oil and filter themselves. Although it is not a complicated process, they probably lose money in the end. A professional repair shop can buy oil in bulk, which reduces the cost of it and forwards the savings to you. Another reason is there is much more to an oil change than just changing the oil.

Not only is it usually more affordable for an experienced technician to complete your maintenance, but they are taught to do it in a safe way and can also inspect other areas of your vehicle at the same visit.

Many Mercedes owners have damaged a sensor or wire accidentally while trying to do the oil change themselves. This results in more costly repairs.

Don’t Use a Quick-Change Discount Store

Corner quick lube change stores are even worse than do-it-yourself maintenance gurus. Employing inexperienced hands instead of certified technicians, these establishments make money by running cars through as fast as they can to make a profit. Nightmare stories are rife with these places that talk about cross-threaded oil plugs, lying about changing filters, and even lost oil caps from negligence.

How Professionals Service a Mercedes Oil Change

Mercedes recommends an oil change every 10,000 miles. Not only does this include an oil change, but a Mercedes specialist will also include inspection of these systems and services:

  • oil filter change
  • power steering fluid check
  • coolant level check
  • brake fluid check
  • differential fluid check
  • windshield washer top off
  • wiper change

Make Sure Your Mercedes Service is Honest

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