Your Porsche’s fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank. Its job is fairly simple: to pump fuel to your tank. The part is usually pretty sturdy and usually doesn’t have a lot of problems. The fuel pump has a tiny electric motor that ensures pressurized gas directs itself to the engine to power your Porsche. The fuel also passes through a filter located either in the fuel flow line or inside the fuel tank.

Most fuel pumps last as long as your vehicle does, never needing to be replaced. However, they can also sometimes fail. When this occurs, the part usually requires a replacement.

Signs Your Fuel Porsche’s Pump Has Failed

Below are a few of the most common signs that your fuel pump has failed:

  • No-start condition: If your Porsche simply won’t start, this can be an indicator that your fuel pump has failed among other problems.
  • Engine stalling/sputtering: If your Porsche has trouble starting, stalls, or makes sputtering noises, you could have a problem with your fuel pump.
  • Check engine light: The check engine light can illuminate because of a fuel pump issue. When the fuel flow becomes starved, the light will usually come on.
  • Strange sounds: Hear a weird whirring sound coming from your Porsche’s fuel tank? This could mean that the fuel pump is going to fail, as they typically don’t make any noise.
  • Hesitation: If your Porsche seems to be hesitating when you start it, there could be an issue with the fuel pump.

A trained mechanic will need to examine your Porsche’s failed pump. They will do this through opening the top of the fuel tank or removing it from the car. This complicated job must be done by a professional. It’s important not to ignore these symptoms for too long as doing so can result in your car being unable to start. This could leave you stranded.

Mechanical Versus Electrical Fuel Pumps

In previous times, fuel pumps were mechanical rather than electrical. On many vehicles, these mechanical parts were attached outside of the fuel tank. Today, cars have electrical fuel injection, making older models ancient history.

The improvement of electrical versus mechanical fuel pumps comes with their location and temperature. A pump that is inside of the actual gas tank is submerged in cool liquid and far away from the 200 degree engine. This makes it less likely for the part to overheat or start a fire.

Fixing A Fuel Pump Yourself

If you do happen to have the skills to fix a failed fuel pump by yourself, it’s likely that the repair will only be temporary. It’s definitely a better option to first take your car in to a licensed technician and have them completely replace a failed fuel pump.

Even if you’re certain the fuel pump is the problem, there’s always a chance that you are misguided. This will only cause more problems and more cost. The best choice is to take your Porsche to an expert repair shop to ensure that you’re fixing the right problem.

Hagan’s Motor Pool for your Porsche

Hagan’s Motor Pool in Rochester, New Hampshire Porsche Fuel Pump Repairis your solution to car care and service needs. Servicing drivers from all areas surrounding Rochester, including Alton, Barrington, Berwick, and Dover, Hagan’s Motor Pool takes pride in employing only the best ASE certified mechanics. We guarantee that your fuel pump will be back up and running quickly and cost-effectively by the time you leave our shop.

In addition to servicing or replacing your fuel pump, Hagan’s Motor Pool offers the following comprehensive services for your Porsche:

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