The transmission valve body is a vital component that is located in the transmission system of your Porsche. The transmission valve functions as the regulator of the transmission fluid by directing the fluid into the transmission valves to ensure the optimized functioning of the gears.

With the transmission valve body in your Porsche, you can easily shift between gears without hassle because the transmission valve body has ensured that the fluid is entering the right clutch. However, when the transmission valve body becomes faulty, the overall performance of your Porsche will reduce, and you will notice some or all of the signs listed below.

Sticking gears

When anything goes wrong in the transmission system of your Porsche, the gears will start sticking. The transmission valve body is an important component in the transmission system; hence, the gear will be adversely affected when it becomes faulty.

When the gears of your Porsche start sticking, you will notice that shifting between gears becomes difficult, or the gears will shift erratically. Shifting between gears in your Porsche should be seamless. If you notice a problem when you shift, call the attention of a Porsche specialist to have it fixed.

Unusual Noises

Most times, when a part of your car gets faulty, the first sign it gives off are unusual sounds. When the transmission valve body of your car has a problem, your car will make weird sounds as you drive. You might hear clunking sounds, like two metal parts rubbing against each other. A good rule of thumb is any time you hear unusual noises from your Porsche, call a trusted mechanic to have the issue checked out and have it fixed.

Unresponsive gears

This usually occurs in extreme cases of a faulty transmission valve body. The gears will stop working if not repaired after the warning signs of sticking gears and the unusual sounds. Driving in a car with unresponsive gears is very risky as you will no longer be able to accelerate or decelerate when the need arises.

Causes of Transmission Valve Failure in Porsche

  • Poor lubrication of transmission parts: The transmission valve is made of various metallic parts that are in constant motion whenever you are moving. The lubricant in the transmission helps keep the various metallic parts from rubbing against each other and reducing friction. If the oil level is low or worn out, there is an increased risk of friction of the moving parts. Hence, the metallic parts might become damaged from the constant rubbing and grinding against each other. They break into metal tiny bits that can find their way Into the transmission fluid.
  • Contaminated transmission fluids: For the transmission fluid in your Porsche to work effectively, it must be clean and devoid of any contaminants. However, as much as you want to keep it clean, the fluid is exposed to dirt and dust particles as you drive your Porsche. When the fluid becomes contaminated, the viscosity reduces, which reduces the pressure in the fluid. Reduced transmission fluid pressure hinders the smooth operation of the transmission valve and might impair the functions of the gears.
  • Natural or premature wear and tear of transmission parts: Your car is made of metallic mechanical parts which are prone to natural or premature wear and tear. The transmission valve body is not an exception. Natural degradation of the transmission valve body is inevitable because its parts are always in motion. Hence, as you use a car, the movable parts become weak, and their functions may become in need of replacement.

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