BMWs are well-known for their durability, quality, and strength. While these characterizations are accurate, certain problems may emerge over time that can hinder your vehicle’s performance. Often, these issues are due to normal wear and tear. They can be quickly diagnosed and addressed by a qualified technician.

One of the more common issues that owners of manual transmission BMWs face is a problem with their clutch, which impedes their ability to shift properly. Clutch problems become increasingly likely the older the vehicle is, so knowing about the risk early on can help prevent costly repairs down the road.

Why Clutch Repair may be Necessary

The purpose of the clutch is to isolate your engine from your wheels so that they work separately. This regulates gear shifting and streamlines the process to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. It is important to be able to identify the symptoms of clutch failure so that you can bring your BMW into a trusted shop to get the issue resolved right away.

The clutch consists of several different components, and if any one of them fails, the efficacy of your clutch will begin to deteriorate. The primary parts of the clutch are the throw-out clutch bearing, the clutch disk, the pressure plate, and the flywheel.

Any one of these parts can become worn or damaged, especially in high-mileage vehicles. Each one is essential to your clutch’s well-being, and therefore is essential to the overall performance of your BMW.

If your clutch’s abilities are compromised, both the safety and the performance of your vehicle will be impacted. Ignoring the symptoms of clutch failure when they appear can result in a costly fix, and may even put you in danger.

How to Tell if you Need Clutch Repair

There are a few essential warning signs to look for that may indicate that your BMW is in need of clutch repair. One sign of clutch damage is difficulty when you are shifting gears or trouble releasing the clutch when you shift.

If you are in need of clutch repair, the pedal itself will likely feel different than usual. Some examples of this are a pedal that gives too easily or not as easily as usual or one that feels like it’s sticking when you press down on it. The pedal may also vibrate excessively. You may feel like your gears are slipping and notice an impact on your acceleration ability.

Additionally, pay attention to any noises coming from your clutch pedal, such as grinding or squeaking sounds. It shouldn’t typically make any loud noises, so this problem should be checked out right away if it occurs.

Misuse of the clutch can cause problems to arise earlier than expected. Make sure you are using your clutch correctly and not burning it out prematurely due to overuse. This can be a  common problem for owners of high-end sports cars. In order to get peak performance, drivers tend to overextend the clutch. If you think you may be guilty of this, work on breaking the habit, and keep a close eye on the effectiveness of your clutch.

Lastly, your clutch can simply deteriorate over time. High mileage will wear it down, so if you’ve put a lot of miles on your BMW, it’s worth paying extra attention to your clutch, and getting it checked out at the first sign of trouble.

How Hagan’s can Help

The best way to prevent costly clutch damage is to bring your BMW into a repair shop as soon as any symptoms of clutch failure appear. It is essential BMW Clutch Repair that you take your BMW to specialists that understand the intricacies of your BMWs unique service programs.

At Hagan’s Motor Pool, we are proud to be Rochester’s leading German auto service center. We are conveniently located in Rochester, NH and offer the highest standard of care to maximize your BMW’s potential as well as keep you safe and comfortable for years to come.

In addition to the Rochester area, we reliably serve customers from Alton, Barrington, Dover, and Berwick, ME. Our highly-qualified technicians have decades of experience and are committed to providing thorough and complete services for all BMW models. All of our services are guaranteed.

At Hagan’s Motor Pool, we are also committed to helping our veterans. We offer a veteran discount on all of our repairs. Give us a call or stop by with any questions, and we look forward to meeting you and servicing your BMW for the lifespan of your vehicle.

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