If you own a Porsche, you already know the amazing features that set this brand of automobile apart from the rest. Stunning design, cutting edge technology, upscale interior, extraordinary handling, and unsurpassed performance work together to create one of the most desirable cars on the market. While all of these characteristics are important, one of the most vital components in any vehicle is, of course, the engine.

The unmistakable Porsche trademark isn’t the only distinctive feature of this brand’s design. The company also makes a statement by putting the engine in the back of their automobiles. While this may sound odd, there are several reasons why this decision makes perfect sense. By placing this heavy component right over the drive wheels, it allows for better handling at higher speeds. It also helps in the ability to “oversteer” the vehicle, allowing the driver to take curves more efficiently and gain better traction. The Porsche is also less likely to wash out while driving, since the weight is distributed in the back.

With any vehicle, breakdowns do occur and the need for service and repair is just as plausible in this brand as in others. Engine malfunctions can happen, but there are signs that can alert you to the need to rebuild your Porsche engine. Let’s explore three of these now.

Unusual Sounds or Knocking

Any time there is an unusual or new sound coming from an engine, it needs to be explored. Knocking is a definite red flag or bad sign for any motor. As a car ages, the cycle of heating and cooling will change. This slower process will cause an increase in the engine tolerance. As tolerance increases and parts begin to experience wear and tear, they fit less securely to each other. This loosening can cause unusual sounds that indicate the engine may need to be inspected.

Also, over time, the rods and pistons may start to rattle and shift side to side instead of vertically as they are supposed to do. This horizontal shaking may also result in a knocking sound, another symptom of a possible need to rebuild the motor.

Different Color Smoke Coming from the Exhaust

If your engine is suffering, you will notice different colored smoke coming from the exhaust when you accelerate. White smoke can be indicative of a couple of different issues. The first is that your motor may be experiencing a coolant leak. The other can be a result of oil burning with gasoline.

When pistons become worn, they allow oil to drip down into the actual cylinders where it can mix with gasoline. Either way, this can be a detrimental problem for the motor and may lead to the need to rebuild. Black & blue smoke may also be indicators that there are issues with burning oil or gasoline as well.

Overheated Engine

An overheated engine can be a dangerous thing for your Porsche, and it may not be able to be repaired. A rebuild may be the only solution to this problem.

Symptoms of an overheated engine may include unusual smells of burning metal or oil, abnormal shifts in power, random leaks underneath the car as well as a temperature gauge that stays in the red.

Frequent overheating can cause serious damage, thus leading to the replacement or rebuild of the motor. You should be mindful and aware of these signs so that you can potentially catch this issue early enough to be addressed, before it becomes costly and inconvenient.

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* Red Porsche Cayman S image credit goes to: Roman Stasiuk.

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