The award-winning Land Rover affords superior off-roading capabilities combined with a wide variety of excellent usability features. Choosing a Land Rover promises reliability, durability and great luxury. For comfort and driver convenience the in-dash, Infotainment system in your Land Rover is an innovative multimedia system that presents a unique driver experience. Using responsive touchscreen technology and intelligent voice recognition the infotainment system provides easy access to navigation maps, alerts, entertainment media and other connectivity settings.

As a Land Rover owner it’s easy to get accustomed to and reliant on that ease of access to all these many features. When the Infotainment System in your automobile begins to fail it can be frustrating for the driver and even unsafe so it is best to deal with problems as soon as they arise.

What are the functions of the Infotainment System?

The purpose of the infotainment system in your Land Rover is multifold; enhancing luxury features and assisting the driver by providing both entertainment and infotainment. The touchscreen display of the Land Rover Infotainment System acts as the central hub for accessing satellite navigation systems and to connect remotely to other devices.

The infotainment center integrates your cellphone into the system to facilitate hands free calls and safer driving. More recent Land Rover models allow for voice commands to make and receive calls without having to interact with your phone in any way.

Other useful features of your Land Rover’s Infotainment system include:

  • Radio and CD controls
  • Bluetooth connectivity to access android or apple apps
  • Access to maps
  • Notification alerts when maintenance is due or fuel is running low
  • Air conditioning and heater control
  • Screen view of reversing camera to facilitate easy and safe backing up

When technological issues arise with the infotainment system, you may encounter problems with screen display, audio, or other media elements or with the performance of a variety of functions carried out by this system.

Any electrical failure of your Land Rover’s Infotainment should be addressed promptly by an SUV specialist technician to ensure the system does not fail completely.

Causes of Infotainment System Failure

  • Electrical Failure: The infotainment system is an advanced and complex piece of technology with multiple electrical wires and components. It only takes one small element to fail to potentially cause a system failure.
  • Updates Required: Like most of the technology we use on a daily basis the infotainment system needs regular updating. If you fail to carry out updates when prompted by the infotainment system, glitches may start to occur. These can manifest as problems with bluetooth technology or other connectivity and integration systems failing.
  • Neglecting Maintenance: Like any other component or system in your Land Rover, the Infotainment system is a finely-tuned piece of technology that will benefit from regular maintenance by a technician to ensure all elements of the system are performing as they should.

Your Options

Routine maintenance checks should include all the digital and technological systems within your Land Rover. Carrying out all the necessary updates and servicing to the infotainment system will keep the convenient, user friendly and safety elements of your vehicle operating at peak performance.

Issues or glitches arising with the technology of the Land Rovers Infotainment system are not uncommon. Land Rover is always improving on design and functionality but technology can be unreliable and some glitching can be expected. The important thing is that you choose a Land Rover specialist that is familiar with commonly occuring infotainment system problems to regularly maintain and repair the system.

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