The issue about batteries is that they only perform at their finest the first time you charge them, and they get less efficient with each subsequent charge. The same may be said about automotive batteries. You may have noticed that your Mini’s battery isn’t performing as well as it once did.

Whether you neglect your Mini and don’t drive it for months or use it frequently, you’ll encounter dead battery difficulties at some point. This might surprise you as to why your car’s battery dies out so quickly. We’ve compiled a list of a few reasons that you might have overlooked as to why your car battery died quickly.

Things That Can Drain Your Mini’s Battery

You might be doing any of these below-mentioned things that are draining your Mini’s battery, so take a look:

  • You Forgot To Turn Your Headlights Off: This is one of the most common causes that almost every driver misses because they are either too exhausted after a long day at work to remember to switch off their headlights or they were unaware that they were on in the first place. Your headlights will then either stay on until someone points it out to you or, even worse, until your car battery is fully depleted.
  • Loose Battery Connections: The terminals that connect to your car’s battery might corrode or wear out through time. As a result, your battery will struggle to transmit electricity properly, making it harder for you to start your Mini. While driving, your automobile’s electronic components or the car itself may suddenly stop working. To avoid such unforeseen events, keep an eye on your battery terminals and keep them clean.
  • Extreme Temperatures: You might not realise it, but extreme weather conditions can have an impact on the performance of your battery. Newer batteries may be more resistant to severe temperatures, but if your car’s batteries are overworked, a cold winter or a scorching summer may have a harsh effect on its performance or cause it to die entirely.
  • Infrequent Use: It’s natural to believe that your battery isn’t consuming when it’s not in use. Reality, on the other hand, is very different. Even while your car is parked, it consumes battery power since certain systems, such as car alarms, clocks, locks, and your onboard computer require electricity all of the time, resulting in battery drain. So, if your car won’t start after a few weeks of sitting in the garage, don’t be surprised because it was draining the battery without you knowing.

Ways To Extend Your Mini’s Battery’s Life

Here are some useful tips that could help you extend your Mini’s battery’s life.

  • Clean Your Battery Regularly: Make sure the top of your battery is clean of any dirt, debris or grime as it will prevent the terminals from getting corroded. So keeping a regular maintenance schedule would help you prevent your batteries from forming any build-up, thus maximizing its shelf life.
  • Keep The Lights Off: This is another way to help you extend your car’s battery’s life. Always double-check that the electrical components such as radio and windows, as well as headlights and interior lights, are off when the engine of your Mini isn’t running.
  • Minimize Heat Exposure: As we discussed, extreme weather conditions negatively affect the shelf life of your battery. So, avoid leaving your car out in extreme temperatures. Speaking of which, don’t leave your car out in the chilling winter nor the blazing summer sun if you can help it. Always make sure you park your car under shade or in the garage when not in use. If you must park outside, try to look for other ways to preserve your car’s battery.

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