The Land Rover is a dependable vehicle that provides a smooth ride as you move seamlessly from the paved highway to the dirt roads. Land Rovers are SUVs that handle like sedans but are as reactive and sporty as an SUV.

These elevated standards that you expect from your Land Rover must be kept in top condition at all times. The best way to keep your Land Rover in excellent performance is to maintain a servicing schedule.

Unfortunately, no matter how on top of the repairs you are, there is still the chance that issues arise. One such issue is with the steering shaft, and this can be dangerous and inhibit your safe driving abilities. Continue reading to learn about the function of the steering shaft, what signs to look for if it is failing, and where to go to fix it.

The Function of the Steering Shaft in Your Land Rover

The steering shaft is responsible for connecting the steering wheel to the rest of the steering system that is located near or in the wheels. In your Land Rover, the steering shaft is made up of 2 steel tubes. One is hollow and the other is solid. The purpose of these two tubes is to be able to collapse into each other if an accident occurs. This protects both the driver and the steering shaft itself.

In addition to being able to collapse into itself, the steering shaft is connected to a steering coupler that serves as both a vibration absorber and as a vibration facilitator. Vibrations are absorbed to ensure the driver does not feel it, but a small amount of vibrations is necessary to ensure alignment between the steering shaft and the steer gear.

Ultimately, the steering shaft is part of what allows you to control your Land Rover as your drive. The steering shaft communicates with the wheels so they react to every turn or movement you make.

Signs of Steering Shaft Failure

The steering shaft is a crucial part of the overall driving capabilities of your Land Rover. To continue driving your Land Rover as accustomed, you should know the following signs that suggest the steering shaft is failing.

The first sign is the steering tilt function does not lock. One of the functions of the steering shaft is to adjust the steering wheel angle. Every driver is different so being able to position the steering wheel in a comfortable position is key to efficient and effective driving. Once that position is found, the driver should be able to lock the steering wheel and steering shaft in place. When you are no longer able to lock the steering tilt function, then you know that the steering shaft has failed.

The second sign that points to steering shaft failure is clicking or grinding sounds. These sounds will be heard as you turn the steering wheel. Clicking, clunking, or grinding noises comes from the internal gears and bearings. It is normal to hear these sounds every once and awhile, but when it starts to happen consistently, then the steering shaft has failed.

The third sign to be aware of is the steering wheel not returning to the neutral position. When you make a turn, the steering wheel is supposed to automatically return to the center or zero degrees when you release the wheel. This is part of the safety feature that comes with the power steering. When the steering wheel does not go into this zero degrees position then the issue is either a broken gear inside the steering shaft or some type of blockage.

Professional Repair of Steering Shaft Failure at Hagan’s Motor Pool

When you notice any of the above-mentioned Land Rover Steering Shaft Repair signs of steering shaft failure, it is time to bring your Land Rover into your trusted mechanic at Hagan’s Motor Pool. We are easily accessible from the areas of Alton, Barrington, Berwick, Dover, Rochester, NH.

Our certified technicians use the latest and most up to date diagnostic tools to determine the exact reason and cause of the steering shaft failure. High-quality parts will then be used to replace the steering shaft or the gears inside. You will be driving away from our shop with a Land Rover that is again easy to drive and maneuver. Call us today for a convenient appointment.

* Land Rover Discovery Sport Car image credit goes to: bortnikau.

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