Your Mini Cooper has a bad thermostat, and you need to get to work, but is it safe to drive it with a defective thermostat? This may be a hard decision because you have obligations, but at the same time, you do not want to cause damage to your Mini Cooper or breakdown on the side of the road.

You can drive your Mini Cooper with a bad thermostat, but it can lead to overheating. If the thermostat is stuck closed, the coolant from your radiator will not make it to the engine, causing extreme heat and potential engine damage. If it is stuck open, the engine will take longer to warm up.

Even though it is possible to drive your Mini Cooper with a bad thermostat, it is not a good idea. If you suspect that your thermostat is bad, you must get your mini checked out by an experienced mechanic certified in repairing your Mini Cooper.

Driving With A Bad Thermostat

Let’s next look at what you should expect if you drive your MINI with a bad thermostat. Depending on how your Mini Cooper’s thermostat breaks will determine the severity of the issues and symptoms.

Your thermostat could be stuck open, closed, or somewhere in between, and the symptoms you will see will differ based on what position it is stuck in. Depending on the position will determine how much coolant will get to the engine.

  • If your thermostat is stuck open: A thermostat with the valve stuck open will allow coolant to reach the engine but with significant issues. With the valve stuck open, it prevents the engine from heating up properly. This would be a serious issue in winter. You will experience less horsepower, poor fuel economy, and reduced torque.
  • If your thermostat is stuck closed: A closed thermostat prevents coolant from reaching your engine. This will quickly cause the Engine on your Mini Cooper to start overheating. This could cause serious damage to your engine. If this happens, get your vehicle checked out by a trained & certified Mini Cooper specialist as soon as possible.
  • Stuck in between open and closed: If your valve is stuck somewhere in between open and closed, you will see various symptoms similar to both a closed and open valve. What will happen is that your Mini Cooper will take a long time to heat up, but then it will start to overheat.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you need to get your Mini Cooper checked out by an experienced mechanic that specializes in these types of issues. If left unrepaired, you will cause serious damage to your vehicle to include catastrophic engine failure.

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